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Sick of Swiping on Dating Apps?

Automatically swipe with AI

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How it works

Get your cookies from Tinder/Bumble
We just need a string of text from your browser and then we can start swiping for you.
Your location and filters will already be on the cookie, so we can swipe for you based on your preferences.
AI will analyze the photos and auto swipe
Leveraging cutting-edge AI, our app evaluates profile photos with an intelligent algorithm designed to gauge attractiveness. If a profile meets your preferences, it automatically swipes right, signaling interest. If not, it swipes left, moving on to the next possibility.
Sit back and relax
Let the AI do the swiping for you. It runs every morning in the background. You can check back every day to see who it swiped on.


$9.99 $7.99
Per Month
500+ swipes per day!
Chat support
Many more features to come!
Automate Your Swipes Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How will your app swipe in my location?
How is this different than Rizz GPT?
Does it learn from my likes?
Will it message for me?
How does the AI portion work?
Will my account get banned?
What happens if I get married from using this service?
Spend less time swiping
Say goodbye to the monotony of manual swiping and hello to a smarter, more efficient way to find your match
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